THE ART OF STORYTELLING: Lies, Enchantment, Humor and Truth
Opens October 6, 2012 and runs through September 1, 2013
American Visionary Arts Musuem, Baltimore, MD

Bin KosalVong BarangBin KosalKhmaoSun SreyneangBin KosalVong SundayKha KoyEYES.MM.62B ORANGE_600x768Ngam SeihaChea SurochSuy ThidaChhoun VatteyArtist UnknownArtist UnknownArtist UnknownSat ThouenArtist UnknownArtist UnknownArtist Unknown

The museum's 18th, yearlong, thematic exhibition explores the impact of story via visual narratives created by 30+ visionary artists, each expressive of some personal aspect of tale-telling. Exhibition highlights include a collection of twenty painted self-portrait stories by rescued Cambodian children, and accompanied by Leslie Hope's documentary film, What I See When I Close My Eyes.

All art photos: Michele Mattei

WHAT I SEE WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES follows the street living kids of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Through interview and art, the children served by Mith Samlanh/FRIENDS were asked to tell their stories.

The film follows the creation of life-sized self-portraits that the children painted in response the question, 'What do you see when you close your eyes?'

Artist UnknownArtist UnknownNgam SeihaSokuhnSokuhnDaraChurukBin KosalMao SreypaoSun SreyneangChoun VatayKhmaoPin SopheaRouitBin Kosal

All art photos: Michele Mattei

Life-sized self-portraits
The street living kids of Phnom Penh Cambodia were asked to lie down on a piece of fabric and outline the shape of their body. That outline was the frame for their picture. Inside the frame, they were asked to paint their answer to the question 'What do you see when you close your eyes?'

Bin KosalEYES.MM.2B ORANGE_600x768EYES.MM.3B ORANGE_600x768EYES.MM.4B RED_600x768EYES.MM.5B BLUE_600x768EYES.MM.6B FUSCHIA_600x768Vong BarangEYES.MM.8B BLUE_600x768RouitEYES.MM.10B BLUE_600x768EYES.MM.11B RED_600x768EYES.MM.12A YELLOW_600x768EYES.MM.13B FUSCHIA_600x768Pin SopheaEYES.MM.15B GREEN_600x768EYES.MM.16B PURPLE_600x768Bin KosalKhmaoChoun VatayEYES.MM.20B ORANGE_600x768EYES.MM.21B TEAL_600x768EYES.MM.22B YELLOW_600x768EYES.MM.23B ORANGE_600x768Sun SreyneangMao SreypaoEYES.MM.26B ORANGE_600x768Bin KosalVong Sunday

All art photos: Michele Mattei
dvdcoverSopheatriestododgesokuhnandhisworkrithcarryingthearthappilymugginggreenbannerredfigureDarafrontchanposesbinblueartistworkartisthandsupphoto-5overheadFinishedPortraitskhonsal hand on eyecourtyard at the centreWhatISee yellow paintingWhatISee sreypao walksWhatISee Pin SopheaWhatISee painting bannersWhatISee life storyWhatISee churuk interviewSewing banners to clothLeslie--Kitchen w-kidsLeslie w-kids in Club FriendsFRIENDS children in schoolDSC00171DSC00165

Friends International

Friends-International believes that together we can protect marginalized children and youth and ... more
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